Wessex F/Eb Travel Tuba, ‘Bubbie 5’ – TF135-sølv

Minituba F/Eb

  • Artnr: WX TF135S

Beskrivelse av artikkelen

Product Description

Here is a very special tuba – probably the smallest real tuba in the world! ‘Bubbie 5’ is a super compact tuba ideal for travelling, practice and fun! A completely new original design, this tuba replaces Wessex ‘Bubbie 1’ which was discontinued in 2014.

Fitted with 5 rotary valves, by default the tuba plays in F with the 5th valve being a flat tone to enable to play fully chromatically down to the lowest register.

Cleverly, by connecting 5th valve lever to other side of valve and fitting supplied one-tone slide, the air goes through the 5th valve making the tuba play in Eb. Pulling out other valve slides for tuning, the tuba is now an Eb tuba with an ascending 5th valve to still enable to play fully chromatically to lowest register.

In either key the tuba has been developed to have good intonation throughout all registers.


  • Bell: 9″ (230mm)
  • Bore: 0.51″ to 0.55″ (13mm to 13.9mm)
  • Height 21.5″ (54cm)
  • Weight 7lb (3.25kg)
  • Case (exterior): 23.6″ x  11.8″ x 14″  (60 x 30 x 36cm)

Special Features

  1. Small enough to be taken on an air flight as cabin luggage
  2. Smaller than a euphonium!
  3. Supplied with extra slides to play in F or Eb
  4. Mouthpiece supplied
  5. The only travel tuba with 5 valves
  6. Practice mute available to fit
  7. Every tuba individually quality assured at factory and again before shipping
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